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Collins Automotive Technicians is owned and operated by Jason and Carley Land, Jason is a Qualified Auto Electrician with 20 years experience. Carley has spent a lot of her working life in the automotive sector, leaving her position as Service Manager at a Holden Dealership in 2015 to join Jason and the team at Collins to manage the business, although a portion of her time is now spent with their twin daughters Charlotte and Carys after their arrival in July 2016.

In 2011 Jason purchased Collins Auto Electrical from John Collins. Back then Collins was located at the rear of the Winger car yard next to the Fire Station on Anglesea Street. Shortly after taking over the business Jason saw a lot of potential for growth, so decided to take on an apprentice on to compliment the tradesman that was already employed when the business was purchased.

John Collins stayed in the business for about 6 months. Once John moved on it left three staff members in a building that could house 5 cars at a stretch and not much parking. This caused some pressure and after 11 months it was decided that Collins was on the move, further down Anglesea Street to number 415. The new building was down a driveway behind The Scooter Bar, and had much more workshop space and could comfortably house about 15 cars, with another 8 car parks. This allowed the business to grow and take on another couple of Auto Electricians, as well as another apprentice.

After a successful 2 years in the building, an opportunity came up to be able to take on the building directly in front which would give Collins a great Anglesea Street profile, while retaining the back building gave us even more space to continue to grow as well as boost the profile of the business which had grown to 7 employees (5 Auto Electricians and 2 Service Advisers).

Things were going along really well, the business had developed into a well respected and reputable operation, known as the go to place for technical fault diagnosis. Collins had all Auto Electrical requirements covered and the extra space gave us the opportunity to expand into Automotive Air Conditioning service and repairs.

It was Labour Day 2016 where the future of Collins Auto Electrical was changed in dramatic fashion. There was a huge fire in the adjoining building of AH Franks (a very long standing Hamilton Tyre and Mechanical repair business) which totally gutted the AH Franks portion of the building leaving the remaining sections of the building that Collins occupied unsafe to operate from. Fortunately nothing inside the Collins buildings was damaged, although we needed to relocate, and the chances of the building being cleared as safe, or being repaired within 12 months was very unlikely, so a fairly quick decision needed to be made about the future of Collins.

The amount of support and offers of assistance was incredibly humbling, and within 2 days of the fire it was decided to move a lot of the equipment into storage and take the absolute minimum equipment needed to operate to a temporary premises, which was kindly offered to us in Duke Street. In the 90sqm Duke Street building (we had 950sqm in Anglesea Street) we managed to service the requirements of our very understanding customers and also keep all of the staff employed.

While the team continued to provide service to our customers and carried on doing the best they could, Jason was hard at work planning the next move for Collins. It was time to step it up a notch and stay ahead of the industry, and the way forward was for Collins to become a complete car complex, giving customers a “one stop shop” where customer service and convenience was the most important offering and all of their automotive needs were covered.

A timely opportunity came up to acquire a general automotive repair shop in Frankton called Automotive Technicians, which became pivotal in the transformation for Collins into market leading automotive repair shop. By now the future was starting to take shape and it was evident that AH Franks was also not going to be able to start trading again, so an arrangement was made between Jason and Jim Nolan, owner of AH Franks, and it was decided to merge AH Franks into the new look Collins, which gave Collins the remainder of the full suite needed to offer it's customers the one stop shop with the AH Franks wheel, tyre and suspension services. It also gave AH Franks customers a place to take their vehicles to continue to experience the service they were accustomed to.

A building in Quentin Drive was secured that fulfilled all the requirements to become the new home of Collins. Work immediately commenced to transform the site from an old Courier Post depot into the car care complex it is today. Next came a huge investment in equipment to position ourselves at the forefront of the industry. It was all part of the new direction we wanted to head that brought about the need to update some equipment to the best available, to give us the advantage over our competitors, and enable us to perform any tasks required in house, giving us control of work that would normally need to be outsourced.

During the first few months of 2017 it was all go setting up the new Quentin Drive complex and by the end of March the building was ready and the expanded Collins team moved in. With the acquisition of Automotive Technicians and AH Franks, the team grew to 16. Collins now had 6 mechanics, 5 auto electricians, a tyre expert, a parts specialist and a service team that is full of enthusiasm and drive to deliver the very best to our customers.

We are always striving for excellence and continually looking for ways to remain an industry benchmark, as well as constant training and upskilling to ensure we are always equipped to provide the best for our customers vehicles. To this day Collins continues to grow and we are looking forward to the future.

We warmly welcome new and existing customers and invite you to experience for yourself what it is that we are so proud of. See you soon.

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